NOW VS THEN - December 12th 2017... As you can swipe to see, that was a year ago from today when the 2nd photo was taken. I remember being on a trip in New York City and feeling so lost and completely broken. I actually remember when I took this photo... I was in the hotel gym and sent it to my mom not knowing what to do. The amount of anxiety, stress and my physical / mental health was at an all time low.
I feel like everybody nowadays doesn’t like to talk about what shit they are going through in life or how they are feeling because we are all so afraid to be judged, vulnerable & open. I say... F that & let’s share the low times.
To make things clear, this is not a post for sympathy and or validation of how I was a year ago and how I am now currently. This is a post to encourage people out there who are struggling with whatever it may be that you are going to have times in your life when you feel completely low and broken... and as much as it sucks to feel that way, sometimes it’s exactly where you’re suppose to be. Life does not become easier so you can become stronger, life has its difficulties so you can become STRONGER. I love you guys SOOOO very much! Please know you are never alone & never forget that you will get through those difficult times... I wouldn’t think a year ago I would be writing a post of happiness from how I was feeling back then to how I am today. ❤️

xo, Courtney King

Courtney King